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HR Q&A: Why a reference check is necessary - both before and after hiring

Question:  Anne referred her friend John for a new IT position. Anne doesn’t work in IT, but says he is a great fit. John is hired—without reference checks—starts work and is fired three months later because he...
Apr 8, 2014

Van trailer decking systems becoming more popular

The trucking industry’s mantra, in the face of a productivity-choking regulatory environment, has been to do more with less – to squeeze more profit out of its existing assets. Few companies today are adding capacity and are instead...
Apr 1, 2014

New generation leads Meyers towards 100th year in business

Groucho Marx once said he wouldn’t want to be a part of a club that would accept him as a member, but Jacquie and Natalie Meyers may contend otherwise. At Meyers Transport, chairman Natalie Meyers, described the industry in no uncertain...
Apr 1, 2014

A long journey

The journey from India to Canada is a long and sometimes difficult trek, but for one Ontario driver, it was a long haul worth the journey.
Apr 1, 2014

HR Q&A: How to support and promote managers

Question: We promoted a great performer to a new manager’s role and they are not working out. What can we do?
Mar 14, 2014

Check Call: Predicting the future

 Two issues ago, in The View With Lou column, Fleet Executive publisher and editorial director Lou Smyrlis wrote that a new editor would be taking  over the day-to-day operations of this magazine. That’s me. Hello.
Mar 12, 2014

Taking Care of Business: Borrowing for profit

If you are a CEO, business owner or executive looking to sell your company, your potential buyer group will most likely include private equity firms. To gauge the potential interest level of private equity firms, you should develop an...
Mar 12, 2014

Unlock you inner profit

While growing revenues may be the more exciting part of running a transport business, understanding and managing your costs—whether you are a large fleet operator or an owner/operator—can be just as critical to business success.
Mar 12, 2014

Buying growth

Despite a handful of high-profile deals that made headlines across the country, the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the Canadian trucking industry isn’t exactly booming.
Mar 12, 2014

The Last Word: Edgar Murdoch

For Edgar Murdoch, a retired professional driver, schoolteacher and opera singer – yes, you read that right – there was no such thing as an ordinary load. Murdoch, who has held a commercial driver’s licence for 63 years,...
Mar 1, 2014

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