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Used trucks a valuable commodity

The used truck market usually follows the peaks and valleys of new truck sales by the space of a few years, but since fewer Class 8 vehicles were made and sold during the recession years of 2008 to 2010, a bottleneck presently exists in the...
Mar 1, 2014

The Lac-Megantic Effect

When an unmanned 74-car freight train carrying crude oil careened into the small Quebec town of Lac-Megantic July 6, burning much of it to the ground and killing 47 people, it was easy to dismiss it as a rail issue. After all, though transport...
Mar 1, 2014

The Human Edge: Generational differences

Understanding the needs, values and expectations of the different generations in your workforce is a valid approach to solving some recruitment and retention problems. The trucking industry now has four generations working side by side, and the...
Feb 27, 2014

Looking for a smart way to reduce your fuel costs?

Those tasked with reducing their fleet’s fuel consumption face many technology and training choices and a lot of calculations before they can select solutions that will be cost-effective for them. Recognizing this challenge, Natural...
Feb 21, 2014

Risky Business: Managing responsibility

Almost 25% of the trucking companies I visit have an Hours-of-Service (HoS) BASIC Score that exceeds 65%, placing them in “Alert” status with the FMCSA. In almost every case, it is sufficient to raise their Inspection Selection...
Feb 20, 2014

Natural gas primer

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Being cheap, plentiful and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel, natural gas is becoming more and more attractive to fleet operators, but many in the industry still have questions about how it can best...
Feb 19, 2014

Bottom Line: It depends

It’s like clockwork. Whenever someone calls me about selling their company, they respond to my spiel with the exact same question: “What’s my business worth?”
Feb 14, 2014

The hour has arrived -- or has it?

It’s a rare thing for employees to say they would be willing to accept less money, but a Kriska Transportation driver recently offered that very thing. The driver was happy enough with his annual take, amounting to about $60,000 a year,...
Feb 11, 2014

The Last Word: Bev Plummer

“How come that truck has just been sitting out there,” Bev asked, curious because she was aware that the company was busy.
Feb 1, 2014

Ode to the B-train

Another LCV season has come and gone in Ontario, and by most measures the program has been a success in this province. As of October 2013, there were 295 LCV permits shared between 72 carriers, and we can expect the program to keep ramping up....
Feb 1, 2014

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