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Tools and technique keep cargo secure

Freight needs to move. The business of trucking depends on it.
Feb 1, 2014

Regulations eroding freedom of the job

“I moved here to be with the love of my life. I hope he realizes on nights like this when I drive home from work, I risk my life to live with him!”
Feb 1, 2014

For our working class heroes

What makes certain people extraordinary? What is that thing inside some individuals that makes them ‘heroes’ – whether they rise to the occasion in an emergency situation or, more commonly, they repeatedly and unfailingly...
Feb 1, 2014

Another award available to fleets

There is just about enough good economic news around these days to make us think we may be witnessing a significant change in the economy, a change that could build momentum and lead us back to the prosperity of former years.
Feb 1, 2014

At the table or on the menu?

When it comes to making regulations for trucking – or any other aspect of life in a modern democracy, frankly – the title of this column really says it all.
Feb 1, 2014

Six tax tips to not overlook

It’s February and those of us in the tax business are feeling like Santa as we make our lists and check them twice. We want to make sure clients know about payroll source remittance payments, T4/T5 summaries (due Feb. 28), RRSP...
Feb 1, 2014

Generating savings out of air - Part 2

When you purchase tires, do you think of them as an asset or a necessary expenditure? Just how you think of tires at the point of purchase may influence the care and maintenance they receive over their life-cycle. And that, in turn, could...
Feb 1, 2014

Ninety years in the saddle

ST-BERNARD DE LACOLLE, Que. -- Four generations and countless miles after Felix Fortin starting trucking in 1923, J.E. Fortin’s rigs are still eating up the roads.
Feb 1, 2014

Canada more receptive to LNG vehicles than US

HOUSTON, Texas -- As open as the Canadian market is to LNG vehicles, it still pales behind the reception China is giving the alternative fuel.
Jan 16, 2014

FleetSmart's third Mark Dalton novel is now On Ice

Mark Dalton rides again in “On Ice”, the third and final full-length novel which is now available free from Natural Resources Canada's FleetSmart program  Mark Dalton is the trucker-private detective character created by author...
Jan 10, 2014

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