Inside the numbers report

The Numbers You Need to Succeed in 2010

If there was ever a time to find ways to run your business more efficiently, now is the time.

So, where do you find accurate information about industry trends and future estimates for shipment volumes, rates and surcharges, so that you can plan your operation accordingly?

Where can you find stats that allow you to compare your operation to others, so that you can identify potential problems and opportunities for your own operation?

Look no further, Truck News, Truck West and MotorTruck have published a comprehensive guide for trucking and transportation professionals, called "Inside the Numbers" – a snapshot of expectations for shipment volumes, rates, surcharges and capacity concerns based on detailed research of shippers operating in several industries.

  • What can your shipping operation expect in 2010?
  • What are the business trends that are changing your industry?
  • What are the strategies shippers will be using to stay the course in 2010?

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Inside the numbers 2010 Report

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