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MTO enforcement officers to add radar to their arsenals

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By: James Menzies

TORONTO, Ont. -- The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is equipping its vehicles with radar, to help officers better enforce the province’s speed limiter legislation, Trucknews.com has learned.

Officers will also be able to enforce moving violations committed by commercial vehicle operators, once the radar systems have been installed and officers are trained on its use.

Ontario and Quebec require nearly all heavy trucks operating in the provinces to have a functioning speed limiter that limits the vehicle’s speed to 105 km/h. Until now, the MTO has had to connect an electronic reader to the engine’s ECU to determine whether or not the speed limiter was activated.

However, once MTO cars are equipped with radar, they’ll be able to clock commercial vehicles and fine any driver travelling over 115 km/h for violating the province’s speed limiter law.

“MTO is considering utilizing radar units to assist officers in the enforcement of Sec. 68.1 of the Highway Traffic Act, which requires many commercial vehicles to have a functioning speed limiting system,” MTO spokesman Ajay Woozageer confirmed to Trucknews.com today. “Subsection 9 of that section provides an evidentiary presumption provision that deems a vehicle travelling at a speed greater than 115 km/h to not have a functioning system. The units would be used to provide evidence for officers to use this deeming provision.”

Equipping MTO enforcement officers with radar will also allow them to better enforce moving violations, Woozageer confirmed.

“Ministry of Transportation officers are appointed as officers for carrying out the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act,” Woozageer said. “Despite having the authority to do so, Ministry officers did not enforce many sections of the Act pertaining to ‘rules of the road.’ Officers will receive training on these rules of the road sections in the future and will start enforcing these driving rules in the future.”

Woozageer said MTO enforcement officers will continue to focus their attention on commercial vehicle operators only.

“We will continue to rely on our police partners to enforce the provisions of the Highway Traffic Act on passenger vehicles,” he said.

The Ministry hasn’t yet determined when radar will be added to enforcement officers’ arsenals, but officers will receive training on the systems in the new year.

“It is anticipated training for MTO officers will begin early in 2014,” said Woozageer. “Once officers receive the training, they will commence enforcement.”

Asked of there’ll be a grace period for unsuspecting truckers, Woozageer said not likely.

“This does not involve any new legislation; drivers of all motor vehicles are expected to comply with the laws pertaining to operating that vehicle safely on Ontario highways,” he said. “Officers observing a violation will take appropriate action which may include inspecting the vehicle and laying a charge.”

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Craig W

million plus miles accident free

Though I agree that the quality of most drivers, being truck or car, has degraded, a truck driving in the centre lane at 105kph is more of a disruption to the flow of traffic. It is so because we all know that 100KPH is not what is being travelled on our highways. Also, now when there is a slow down and you have a truck or several trucks in the middle lane it takes a lot longer for the truck or trucks to get going again. So, being in the centre lane is not a good idea at all because like I said, disrupts traffic. I'm not saying don't use the middle lane, but use it to pass and if you can't, remain in the right lane and be courteous. Let's try to get a good name back for the trucking industry since it has been tarnished by many others.

Posted January 11, 2014 12:50 PM

million plus miles accident free

I would say you would find many trucks in the second lane from the right in a metropolitan area because a truck travelling at a constant predictable speed is too hard for a four wheeler to merge with. I'm saying this fecitiously because most four wheelers on an onramp can't decide if they should go in front or behind the truck they are merging with.

Additionally most drivers would expect the truck or other vehicle currently travelling on the highway to vary its speed to let them in. It would actually be much safer for the truck to stay in the second lane from the right to avoid constant lane changes and dangerous merges thru town with vehicles too concerned with phones ,radios and texting while merging onto highways.

The last 10 years driving has been getting very dangerous with distractions and the "me first" attitudes from the average driver. In the last 5 years especially the quality of drivers has degraded exponentially!

Posted January 6, 2014 10:07 PM


I do not know why most commercial drivers in the GTA do not use the outside lane for turning. Using the inside lane causes all kinds of obvious problems.
I've also noticed most 4-wheelers tend to stop instead of veering over to the sides when emergency vehicles are approaching or trying to pass.

Posted January 3, 2014 02:18 PM


I'm totally with you Craig and Martin. If the mto/Opp wanted to make are highways better,start ticketing ppl who don't move or sit in the middle lane or the hammer lane. When did ppl get so retarded, if you drive on the 401east in the express lane, have you notice All Lanes hit there brakes when cars take the 400 north exit? I can't for the life of me figure out why? It's the same out 401 west and the kitchener, cambridge cut off, everyone hits there brakes cuz ppl are exiting the hywy...

Posted January 2, 2014 12:29 PM


Where is the speed limiter in the 4wheelers. I drive appox 4 times as many kms per year as my wife and 10 times as many as my daughter and have done so for more than 20 years but this speed limiter makes me a better driver? I think that either you are a good driver or not, speed limiters are just for the people that need a sign.

Posted December 31, 2013 05:35 PM

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