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#MATS2014: Focus on the driver

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- By turning the camera on the driver, Meritor WABCO, hopes to help people perform better behind the wheel.

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — By turning the camera on the driver, Meritor WABCO, hopes to help people perform better behind the wheel.

In one of two announcements made at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), WABCO launched its latest product. Calling it a performance management system, ProView is the latest offering to be based on the company’s Integrated Safety Systems technology, including its OnGuard collision mitigation system and its SmartTrac stability control system.

“From the vehicle base, we are now looking at the driver side of the equation,” explained John Morrison, president and general manager for Meritor WABCO.

“What ProView really is, is a proactive program that enables fleets to really use the data and information that is coming from the safety technologies on the vehicle, the engine information, the various data inputs that are coming together and coupling that with video data analytics that really provide a very comprehensive picture on what’s happening in the vehicle at any given point in time.

The safety system data will be mated with video feeds from two separate cameras: an outward-facing one and an inward-facing one, through a computer dashboard provided by WABCO’s new alliance partner SmartDrive Systems.

Now when the data indicates something noteworthy happened—the stability control system kicked in, or there was an episode of sudden braking—video showing what happened to cause those events can be reviewed.

“The engine data, the throttle data, the safety system data, this dashboard now gives you all of the data points to match up with the video that makes this a complete picture of what is happening out on the road and gives the fleet the best ability to use this as potentially accident reconstruction, but more importantly, it is a tool for driver coaching and driver performance improvement programs.

“You can take these video clips…and use them for specific drivers to improve performance or look at ways drivers in the fleet can operate better. In addition, it can even help with things like logistics or delivery where you can see what time you arrive at a customer and track how long the driver would be there, as well as other aspects of managing your fleet,” said Morrison, adding, “there is more to come with this type of technology. We are just scratching the surface.”

An online discussion forum is being offered as part of the ProView solution.

“We want to be able to capture the dialogue that is occurring with the drivers and with the fleets about safety technologies, about these types of technologies, including camera-based technologies,” said Morrison.

ProView will be offered on a subscription basis, beginning in May.

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