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    Use media buzz to promote your brand

    December 5, 2016 2:48PM by Rebecka Freels

    Many trucking companies work hard to stay out of the media by doing everything they possibly can to avoid collisions, and generally keep a low profile when it comes to reporters. While paid advertising is one way to promote your

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    Ice road truckers needn’t fret

    December 5, 2016 1:37PM by Derek Clouthier

    How the use of airships would help the trucking industry

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    Doing it on her own

    November 11, 2016 2:25PM by Derek Clouthier

    KELOWNA, B.C. – Finished with school after Grade 8 with nothing more than a passion for truck driving in her soul, Kelly Ficociello’s journey to MAK Transportation Services was far from easy. Hitting the open road with her father until

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    Got trucks? You’re a trucker

    November 11, 2016 2:20PM by Sandy Johnson

    Have you seen the hilarious TV commercial where the mermaid is trying to convince her other mythical friends that they can actually take a picture of a check with their smartphone and automatically deposit it to their bank account? Step

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    Less black and white when it comes to autonomous vehicles

    November 11, 2016 2:16PM by Derek Clouthier

    Recently having attended the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, the issue of autonomous vehicles has become an intriguing topic of late, at least for me it has. Driverless cars and trucks were a big

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    Closed for business

    November 8, 2016 2:14PM by Derek Clouthier

    Port of Churchill closure impacts many in area, including trucking

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    A changing landscape

    November 8, 2016 2:07PM by Derek Clouthier

    Famed for his role in Highway Thru Hell, Davis forced to alter his course

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    Innovation and expansion pays off for Gervee

    October 15, 2016 8:00AM by Derek Clouthier

    ST. ALBERT, Alta. – Growth and innovation helped transform what was once a conventional trucking company into the diversified company it is today. Gerald Verstraete got the wheels rolling on Gervee Trucking Ltd. in 1984 hauling feed and meal to

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    ICBC’s new numbers game

    October 12, 2016 8:02AM by Sandy Johnson

    Have you ever been blindsided by a rule you didn’t know existed? Like, ‘Officer, honestly, I didn’t know this was a school zone.’ Or, ‘You mean this contract is for three years?’ Recently, I was blindsided myself by a rule

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    Living in harmony

    October 12, 2016 8:01AM by Derek Clouthier

    MTA stresses to government the importance of national and international harmonization

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    Curbing GHG emissions

    October 12, 2016 8:00AM by Derek Clouthier

    BCTA says industry doing what it can, wants more from government

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    Who ever said getting a job as a truck driver should be easy?

    September 14, 2016 9:44AM by Derek Clouthier

    OAK BLUFF, Man. – “In my mind there is only one solution to moving trucking away from a ‘last resort’ career choice. As an industry, we need to make it difficult to become a driver.” Ryan Mitchell, president of Manitoba trucking

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    Keep ELDs, URS out of your blind spot

    September 11, 2016 9:39AM by Sandy Johnson

    Maybe this isn’t news if you own a new vehicle, but I was surprised by all the bells and whistles on a car I recently rented. Let me tell you, it could do everything from warning me I was too

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    How to communicate in the information overload workplace

    September 11, 2016 9:35AM by Rebecka Freels

    Information overload is a huge problem in today’s workplace. It’s not uncommon for office workers to begin their day faced with dozens of new e-mail messages. Supervisors and managers have the additional burden of needing to review equipment spec sheets, read

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    Manitoba government changes trip allotment for province’s PTH 6

    September 11, 2016 9:28AM by Derek Clouthier

    WINNIPEG, Man. – The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is applauding an agreement it reached with the provincial government on changes in how the amount of trips are allotted to trucking companies traveling on Provincial Truck Highway 6 (PTH 6). Initiated