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  • How to choose the truck powertrain you need

    January 15, 2020 8:59AM by Jim Park

    TORONTO, Ont. — How fast do you want to go, how much weight are you planning to pull, and how much are you willing to spend to accomplish your goals? In a roundabout way, those are the three questions you

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    International makes Endurant transmission standard

    January 14, 2020 5:02PM by John G Smith

    International LT, RH and LoneStar heavy-duty trucks will now include the Endurant 12-speed automated transmission as standard equipment. The transmission developed by Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies can support torques of 1,850 lb-ft, and be paired with the Cummins X15 or International A26 engine.

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    Zonar app to deliver Cummins over-the-air updates

    January 9, 2020 9:09AM by John G Smith

    Zonar is now offering Cummins Connected Software Updates, supporting over-the-air engine updates with the Zonar OTAir app. Details about the required updates for specific engines are offered through a Cummins portal. But the Zonar device is more than a simple conduit for the data. OTAir also helps to ensure data security during the transfers by validating the VIN to ensure the correct vehicle receives the right update.

  • Enforcement teams toss speed limiter inspection tool

    January 3, 2020 3:47PM by James Menzies

    TORONTO, Ont. — Commercial vehicle enforcement agencies in Ontario and Quebec have abandoned the use of the EzTap device to enforce speed limiter laws in both provinces, raising questions about how much enforcement of the rule actually exists. Since 2008,

  • Cummins names Melina Kennedy VP regulatory affairs

    October 17, 2019 12:18PM by Truck News

    COLUMBUS, Ind. — Engine maker Cummins has appointed Melina Kennedy vice-president, product compliance and regulatory affairs. In this newly created role, Kennedy will oversee engine emission certification, product compliance and regulations related to Cummins products, the company said. Kennedy will

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    Cummins X12, Endurant in 116-inch Cascadia

    October 8, 2019 2:29PM by John G Smith

    The Freightliner Cascadia 116-inch BBC day cab can now be spec’d with the Cummins X12 engine and the Eaton Cummins Endurant Transmission as part of an Integrated Power package.

  • Cummins invests in another hydrogen fuel company

    September 19, 2019 10:02AM by Truck News

    VANCOUVER, B.C. – Engine giant Cummins Inc. is buying a stake in hydrogen fuel cell maker Loop Energy, the two companies announced. Financial details were not revealed. The move comes just days after Cummins completed the acquisition of hydrogen production

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    Cummins builds on X15 offerings

    August 27, 2019 4:30PM by John G Smith

    Cummins is expanding its 2020 portfolio of X15 engines to include new X15 Efficiency Series and X15 Productivity Series models.

  • Trucking journalists present Cummins X12 with tech award

    March 21, 2019 7:55AM by John G Smith

    ATLANTA, Ga. – Trucking industry journalists from around North American have presented the Cummins X12 diesel engine with the annual Jim Winsor Memorial Technical Achievement Award. “As in previous years, there were a number of very worthy candidates nominated by

  • Enhancements to Western Star 4700 center on drivers, upfitters

    January 22, 2019 3:29PM by Truck News-West

    Company says it will continue to grow on its past success in Western Canada

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    Freightliner 114SD gets Cummins X12

    December 11, 2018 9:35AM by John G Smith

    Freightliner’s 114SD can now be spec’d with the lightweight Cummins X12, supporting an array of weight-sensitive vocational applications like concrete mixers, refuse trucks, and auto haulers. Weighing in at 2,050 lb., the engine is about 600 lb. lighter than other

  • Test driving the Kenworth W990

    September 28, 2018 4:23PM by Derek Clouthier

    LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A quiet and smooth, easy ride. That’s the best way to describe how Kenworth’s W990 drives – or I should say, rides, since I was a passenger on the Sept. 28 test drive of this new

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    Kenworth offers near-zero NOx engine

    August 22, 2018 4:54PM by John G Smith

    Kenworth continues to expand the offerings that will run on natural gas, with T680, T880 and T880S trucks now available with Cummins Westport ISX12N near-zero-NOx emissions natural gas engines. The ISX12N meets the California Air Resources Board’s optional low-NOx standard

  • Cummins, Eaton joint venture expected to profit in 2020

    August 3, 2018 11:14AM by Truck News

    COLUMBUS, Ind. – A Cummins and Eaton joint venture that was developed in 2017 is expected to be profitable by 2020, Cummins president and chief operating officer Richard Freeland said when releasing financial results for the second quarter of 2018.

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    ‘Extreme’ starter for medium-duty engines

    July 31, 2018 2:59PM by John G Smith

    Medium-duty truck owners now have access to a new 12-volt, 4.5kW replacement starter from Leece Neville Heavy Duty Systems – the PowerPro Extreme 5. The motors support six- to 10-liter engines used in construction, fire and rescue, pickup and delivery,