Dana Inc. provides e-Propulsion system for Alberta project

by Truck News-West

MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Inc. is providing its Spicer Electrified e-Propulsion solution with integrated TM4 Sumo HP motor-inverter system to Class 8 trucks moving freight between Calgary, Alta., and Edmonton.

The effort is part of Alberta’s Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC) project aimed at designing and manufacturing hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid heavy-duty trucks with extended range.

“Dana is pleased to have been selected as a key partner for this enterprising hydrogen fuel project. It marks another step in the innovation continuum as the industry transitions to zero-emission transportation,” said Mark Wallace, president of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies. “The consortium partners share a common vision in advancing clean technologies, and we welcome the opportunity to provide Spicer electrodynamic solutions as part of these collective efforts.”

Dana’s custom Spicer e-System is optimized for the Canadian market and has a hauling capacity of 140,000 lbs. It has a compact design that reduces weight, allowing for more hydrogen fuel storage.

The truck being used for the project are 64-ton B-train tractor-trailers capable of traveling up to 700 km before needing to refuel.
Trimac Transportation and Bison Transport will operate the trucks.

The $15 million project received funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta, which committed $7.3 million through its Best Challenge initiative.

Trucks will haul approximately 12 million tons of freight for the AZETEC project.

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  • My question is I know we are striving for a cleaner fuel and reduce emmisions which is good. I am wonder when we switch to more plastics as in bags and such. To relieve the lumber problem then we found out that plastic was a bad go because of plastics were harming the wild life. Fish ducks etc. So my thoughts are what about this e_propulsion what says we won’t have severe problems down the road for our environment and populations.