Blackberry enters trucking industry with new tracking system

by Truck News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – BlackBerry Limited unveiled its new end-to-end asset tracking system for trucking companies and private fleet operators during a March 31 announcement at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The system, called BlackBerry Radar, provides customers with the ability to optimize utilization of their trailers and shipping containers, improve on-time delivery, reduce theft and generate more revenue from each trailer without having to invest in additional IT infrastructure.

BlackBerry Radar features a self-powered tracking device, an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) platform with cloud-based applications, world-class security and visual reports for location and status updates of assets.

BlackBerry said its new product solves the problem of complex user interfaces and infrequent data updates when companies strive to boost their productivity and efficiency.

“BlackBerry Radar is fully integrated and provisioned, so customers can hit the ground running. Within minutes of installing our tracking device, users can access timely information on their assets to help make agile decisions that can dramatically improve an organization’s profitability,” said Derek Kuhn, senior vice-president, BlackBerry IoT. “And because BlackBerry Radar is cloud-based, it offers the ultimate in convenience. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a web browser, and you can access information for real-time decision-making — wherever you are, and whenever you need it.”

Taking only minutes to install BlackBerry Radar encrypts all transmitted data, authenticates the device and cloud endpoints and provides an extensible architecture and rich application programming interfaces.

“The expansion of IoT solutions is a key catalyst in the current transformation of the global freight shipping market, the importance of which has not been seen since the worldwide embrace of intermodal containers. The ever-improving capabilities and costs of connected sensor systems have made tracking the precise location of assets, real-time monitoring of their detailed physical condition, and associated data analytics the basis of a new gold standard for the industry. BlackBerry Radar’s cloud platform and innovative tracking device support these needs with a global end-to-end solution that leverages BlackBerry’s market-leading security, low-power solutions, and knowledge of cloud-based platforms,” said Andy Castonguay, principal analyst, Machina Research. “From a user standpoint, the end-to-end service design critically removes much of the complexity associated with the implementation and usage of IoT solutions that are common in today’s market.”

The BlackBerry Radar is currently being used in a customer pilot program and is scheduled for release this summer.

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  • BlackBerry makes another questionable business decision. Did they do any market research? This field is already pretty saturated with competition.