Ram Commercial highlights two new programs to support upfit process

by Truck West

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Ram Commercial announced the launch of two new programs – Q-Pro and the Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator – to help upfitters, dealers and customers.

Speaking during the Work Truck Show March 15, Dave Sowers, Ram Commercial marketing lead for commercial vehicles, said the Q-Pro was a new qualification process for upfitters, which assesses and validates the manufacturer or upfitter to certify their particular product with Ram Engineering.

The upfitter can then use the Q-Pro system to market their product, which will be labeled ‘Q-Pro validated’ by Ram Commercial.

The Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator is an app that will only be available to the company’s dealers at first, and provides customers with a virtual image on a device of the various upfit and solution options offered. The Upfit Configurator was originally available on the ProMaster van, and has now been expanded to the ProMaster City and Ram Chassis Cab line, and shows each vehicle’s sizes and specs to add to the ease of the upfit process.

At present, there are two upfitters in the Upfit Configurator system, but Ram Commercial does intend to add more.

Sowers said Ram’s chassis cab is the easiest vehicle in its class to upfit, offering a completely flat and obstruction-free frame rails.

“From a sales perspective, we have seen some consistent growth and set some records in 2016,” Sowers said, adding that Ram’s Pro Master City vehicle is the most efficient work van in the US and took home the 2017 Commercial Green Car of the Year award.

Sowers said these types of programs aimed at easing the upfit process for all involved displays Ram’s innovation and desire to address customer needs.

Dave Sowers.

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