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Webinar – Trade Credit: A Growing Risk in Today’s Global Economy

March 07, 2018

Webinar – Trade Credit:
A Growing Risk in Today’s Global Economy

Abraham Katan, CCP, Vice-President, AON Canada
Paul Hare, Senior Account Executive, AON Canada
David Cooke, Account Executive, AON Canada
Ryan Butler, CIP, Associate Account Executive, AON Canada

Air Date:
 March 7, 2018, 12:00-1:00 ET
Price: $75 + applicable taxes.

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Global and political uncertainty has increased the frequency of bankruptcies and payment delinquencies, emphasizing the need for accounts receivable insurance to be part of a company’s good corporate governance strategy. Additionally, Trade Credit Insurers have been experiencing a steady rise of bankruptcy and protracted default claims over the past several years.

This webinar will identify the top 10 global risks businesses will face over the next 2 years (based on an Aon Global Risk Management Survey), and  discuss the reasons why companies should consider implementing  an accounts receivable insurance policy to help mitigate risk, and grow sales confidently.

After the webinar, participants will understand how to use accounts receivable insurance as an:

  • Insurance Tool – to conduct transactions while making well-informed credit decisions based on valuable market intelligence, and insight on the financial viability of your customers
  • Sales Tool – To increase your competitive advantage to grow your business by offering more attractive credit terms to your clients.
  • Financing Tool – To credit enhance your accounts receivable with a highly rated insurance company and improve your margining while reducing borrowing costs.
  • Opportunity to enhance corporate governance  – To supplement internal credit risk management practices, reduce bad debt reserves, and avoid catastrophic bad-debt losses.

Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone working for a company that offers its customers credit terms should attend this webinar.  This topic is also applicable to all businesses that have experienced a bad debt loss or are looking to expand sales, and leverage attractive bank margining with their lender.


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About the facilitators:

Abraham Katan, CCP, Vice-President, AON Canada
Seasoned credit professional experienced in credit management, collections, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), negotiations, credit insurance, claims management and the litigation process. Demonstrated record of consistent performance, positive change management, and building excellent client relations.

Paul Hare, Senior Account Executive, AON Canada
Fully bilingual, surety, credit insurance, and trade credit professional. Over 25 years of hands-on experience in surety underwriting, export credit insurance underwriting and management with EDC, international and domestic credit management.

David Cooke, Account Executive, AON Canada
Competent business professional, experienced in Trade Credit, underwriting, claims, and business development, helping companies expand their trade both domestically, and abroad.

Ryan Butler, CIP, Associate Account Executive, AON Canada
Has been with Aon for over seven years, and has been involved with credit insurance since 2012. Prior to joining the team, Ryan handled P&C, D&O, E&O, Auto, and other lines of business for SME clientele. Ryan has a broad range of skills, and is a registered Chartered Insurance Professional.

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