ONGA says natural gas cheaper and more environmentally friendly than diesel

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – A new video released by the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance (ONGA) is touting the use of natural gas as an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel, saying it would reduce public transit and long-haul transportation emissions by 30%.

The video features Hamilton Street Railway and Groupe Robert Transportation calling each leaders in clean transportation through the use of natural gas.

The ONGA says the transportation sector is not only responsible for billions of dollars of economic activity in Ontario, but also around 34% of emissions in the province, ahead of electricity production, agriculture and the heating and cooling of homes and businesses.

“There is a potential, especially in Southern Ontario, that natural gas could be part of a much broader holistic approach to transportation,” said Dr. Daniel Hoornweg, a professor at the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology, in the video. “Having natural gas as a fuel rather than diesel for heavy-duty trucks is highly cost-effective and reduces greenhouse gas emissions right off the bat by 30% or more.”

The video points out that private trucking companies were pioneers when it came to using natural gas to power their fleets, and, in addition to it being a cleaner fuel, it is also cheaper and could save the Ontario transportation sector 50% on its costs.

The ONGA is a partnership between two Ontario natural gas distribution companies; Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas.

To view the video or learn more about natural gas use in Ontario, visit

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  • I agree that natural gas is the way to go for just the monetary
    reasons alone I can see and understand all this but its the tractor that either have to retrofitted for NG its the retrofit that’s going too cost at the beginning and some fleets cant afford that so they are caught in a catch twenty two if they got help from either/or provincial/federal government (hahaha)the fleets o/o everybody else might have a chance for the (pun intend) long haul savings

  • Please correct me if i’am wrong but the Federal gov and Provincal gov are not taxing natural gas with road taxes 27.5 cents per liter. Get enough fleets using natural gas and the money hungery Provincial gov (Ontario) and Federal gov will start taxing natural gas the same as diesel there goes your price advantage. Also as previously stated the fuel tanks need to be much larger than diesel tanks and are about 9x more exspensive. As for the co2 reduction I under stand it is sagnificant 30% is that in a lab or real road conditions. Give the Diesel engine manufactures a resonable amount of time and they will reduce the amount of co2 the Diesel engines put out. The gov should stop raming unreal time lines on the transport industry and engine mfgs. They have come a long way since 2004. What about the large cost for the natural gas engines add to the fuel tanks and where is the savings money wise. co2 yes to what degree????? Money wise I don’t think so.

  • In the early ’80’s ICG had a Western Star 400 Big Cam4 running 100% LPG problem was loss of power on hills. Much cheaper to run until government started to tax LPG the same as fuel. This tax soon extended to all other uses of LPG .Please try to convince me that the same won’t happen with LNG