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Startling video of deadly crash shows dangers of driving too fast for conditions

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — As many as 170 vehicles were involved in a crash on a Michigan highway that claimed the life of a Quebec truck driver.

Video of the carnage has been posted online, which shows vehicles travelling too fast for conditions plowing into the back of stopped vehicles.

The accident took place on I-94 in West Michigan Friday morning. The footage below, captured by a motorist, clearly demonstrates the risk of driving too fast for conditions in bad weather with limited visibility.

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7 Comments » for Startling video of deadly crash shows dangers of driving too fast for conditions
  1. will says:

    Idiots….. In my 35 years as a class 1 professional driver I have never been involved, even a near miss situation like I just witnessed in this video. It just goes to show how drivers are not paying any attention to the task at hand, driving safety.

  2. Winston Moorhead says:

    As somebody who drives on the 400 serices of hwys. in Ontario, I am horrified of the speed that some people drive at. I asked and OPP officer one day, “if im driving at 120 km/h on the 401, and which I know is illegal, what about the many many drivers who are passing me. His reply, im not that interested in your 120 km/h, its the ones who passed u, that I want to get. They are talking of changing the speed limits on the 400 series of hwys to 120, from 100. Great, those of us who drive 20 km/h on a regular basis, illegal of course, will we now drive 140 km/h. Its madness out there. Every accident or almost every accident is people speeding and they cant relate to changes in weather conditions etc.
    Folks, for the sake of all our loved ones, for Gods sake, SLOW DOWN.

  3. John Pringle says:

    Seeing as truck driving is the 5th most dangerous job, a lot more dangerous than a police officer is, every truck driver should make arrangements for a trip to the funeral. I am sure it would have a lot of political support with fancy speeches from all the dignitaries attending. Everyone should wear their best coveralls.
    I am sure the airlines will give the same if not more of a discount they give police to attend funerals.
    All my sympathy to the family and those that were injured.

  4. Outta Stock says:

    To Winston…

    If they change the 400 series highways to 120kmh, maybe we should invest in tow trucks and body bags and profit from the carnage. There is a severe lack of knowledge and skill on our highways in Ontario as it is, quite possibly the worst drivers in all of North America,… Any raise in the speed limit is pretty much a recipe for disaster as 9 out of 10 now can’t handle a vehicle at the legal post of 100. God help us of we routinely see these same texting, weaving, morons traveling at 120-140 or worse. Not sure why 120 is the ” threshold” seemingly for the OPP. Last I checked, posted 100 means 100. Enforcement? What enforcement ?
    I never see a patrol car while locked in rush hour as drivers text, weave, not signal, pull into on ramps to pass and gain positions then swerve back into travelled lanes to name a few,… Not a black and white in sight.

  5. Sandy Tremblay says:

    My husband and I have been driving team for over 20 years. Not many drivers are using the CB anymore to warn other drivers what lies ahead of them. Driving northern Ontario it’s getting crazy,passing on hills, corners, it’s insane. No respect anymore. RIP to the driver we lost and condolences to his family

  6. Steve says:

    Why don’t they show videos like these in driver ed classes and lets start by training the new drivers about the hazards of winter driving. It’s too late to try to re educate those who already think they know what they are doing behind the wheel. My condolences to the family of the truck driver from Quebec who’s death could have been avoided if the person at the front of the line who made the first mistake was paying better attention to the road conditions.

  7. Rod Schaff says:

    very sad for the driver from Quebec, after watching the video, reinforces my beliefs about todays drivers. we know the drivers of the passenger vehicles are stupid…….. but the drivers of the trucks are dangerous as they are supposed to be trained professionals………there was a time when truckers were considered the most careful and aware drivers on the road definitely not the norm any more

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