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US trucking spends nearly $10 billion on safety, report finds

ARLINGTON, Va. — A new report released by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) reveals the US trucking industry invests at least US$9.5 billion in safety per year.

“We know this industry prioritizes and invests in improving safety on our nation’s highways,” said ATA executive vice-president of national advocacy Dave Osiecki. “With the results of this survey, we now can put a dollar figure on that investment and that figure is significant.”

The $9.5 billion annual figure breaks down over four categories:

  • On-board Technology: Collision avoidance and mitigation systems, blind spot warning systems, stability control, video event recorders, electronic logging devices and other safety technologies.
  • Driver Training: Safety training, staff wages and consultants, safety retraining and coaching and hazardous materials training.
  • Safety Pay: Awards and bonuses based on improved safety performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Motor vehicle and driver record checks, drug and alcohol testing, voluntary safety audits, safety staff wages and benefits as well as safety consultants.

Additionally, the $9.5 billion figure does not include general and routine maintenance costs such as purchasing new brakes, tires or trucks, which would increase the total significantly.

“Before this survey, we were only able to conservatively estimate our industry’s commitment to safety,” said ATA First Vice Chairman Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express. “Now, thanks to the efforts of ATA, we can see just how much our industry is investing in safety as well as the results of these investments – improved safety for all motorists.”

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1 Comment » for US trucking spends nearly $10 billion on safety, report finds
  1. Rick says:

    And to what end? The motoring public, the politicians, beauracrats & police couldn’t care less. They all continue to target & blame trucking and truck drivers at every opportunity for whatever issue they can.

    All trucking is doing is bending over backwards and trying to appease all of these interest groups, and it will never be enough, ever. These groups are anti trucking in every single aspect and always have been, and you can throw all the money and technology in the world at whatever you think will appease them and it NEVER, EVER will. So save your money. Hey… maybe even consider giving a little more to your drivers in the form of safe driving bonuses or vacations (companies did that sort of thing 30+ years ago), but don’t waste it trying to appease people who hate the fact you even exist.

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