Titanium touts recruitment and retention success

by Truck News

BOLTON, Ont. – Titanium Transportation Group says it grew its driver base by 14% in 2018, while limiting driver turnover to 18.6%.

In the U.S., driver turnover is often more than 90%. Titanium credits its success to establishing a culture of safety and offering attractive retention and recognition programs, including a share purchase plan.

“We are extremely proud of our reliable, safe and hardworking driver group,” said Ted Daniel, CEO of Titanium.  “While the industry continues to experience high turnover, Titanium continues to attract and retain the best drivers in the industry. We have maintained our leadership position with attractive pay packages and a one of a kind share purchase plan to ensure the highest level of job satisfaction because we understand drivers have to make a choice.”

Daniel said the company’s ability to recruit and retain drivers positions it well for organic growth in 2019.

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  • As a 59 year old, female NEW AZ driver living in Kitchener does the possibility truly exist for me to find employment?
    Let me take a step back and ask, Are there any owner/operators willing to allow me to ride along, observe, assist and allow me become familiar with E logs, routines, paper trails, routes etc.
    I am not asking for commitments from anyone other than one day or cross board experience from drivers willing to share their professional knowledge with me.
    My goal is to work as an AZ dry van, pin to pin, long haul, open board driver with a good company that I can retire from in 10 years.

    I am clean, non smoking, non drinking, no drugs, easy going, bright and capable. I graduated with 90% and my AZ license from a well respected Driver Training school.
    This has been my goal for over 20 years but only now have I been able to be away from home for long periods of time.
    I do have ‘some’ experience driving from Winnipeg to the GTA and around southern Ontario.
    The freshly trained ‘mentor’ that I was assigned to was an older man who verbally disparaged me so badly and publicly in the Denny’s in London, ON that OTHER drivers came to my aid. Thank you, gentlemen.
    I still got back in the truck with him and brought it back to the yard. There was no way he was going to be able to say “she abandoned her truck”, even by offering to drive for me.

    So, does anyone have advice for me, can point me in a productive direction in the KW, Cambridge, Guelph area, or am my odds actually very slim due to my age and gender?