AMTA meets with transport minister to discuss natural gas, wide-base tires

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EDMONTON, Alta. — The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) recently met with provincial Transport Minister Ric McIver, to discuss key issues including the use of wide-base single tires and natural gas-powered tractors.

AMTA executive director Don Wilson was accompanied by Westcan Bulk Transport CEO Tom Kenny during the meeting.

“With the surplus availability of liquid natural gas it makes sense to explore the use of this type of fuel for Class 8 truck applications,” says AMTA’s Wilson. “Infrastructure concerns around the location of liquefied natural gas filling stations would also need to be addressed, as would the cost of converting equipment – but given current natural gas prices it makes sense in the long-term for return on investment.”

AMTA reps informed the Minister that trucks fitted to run on natural gas weight more than diesel tractors and therefore can carry less payload. The association would like to see incentives offered to make natural gas vehicles more viable.

Also on the agenda was wide-base tires. The AMTA wants to see the maximum allowable weight on wide-base single tires increased to equal parity with duals. Wilson reports the Minister was open to the idea, but is awaiting further information regarding the tires’ impact on infrastructure.

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  • what we have here is to many cheifs trying to justify their big salaries, dual wheels have always worked very well and should remain the industry standard period, those super singles are a joke I know I’ve used both and duals is and always will be the way to go , why ? do you people always have to mess with a proven setup. Secondly natural gas big trucks are you kidding me, I ran a dual fuel tow truck back in the 80’s it ran on gas or natural gas, 3 huge natural gas tanks would last 3 hours at highway speeds you could only buy natural gas in hamilton at 2 locations one being on the mountian and 1 downtown at a cab stand, the maintenance bills made the whole venture to costly not to mention the problems in the winter or extreme heat of the summer, and the BOTTOM LINE here is if we did switch over to natural gas there would be no advantage because ottawa will tax it TO ITS NATURAL DEATH! Also I’ve been an o/o for 23 years and there is no sense talking about this or doing million dollar studies diesel works best! apparently the new trucks run and idle clean , you should direct your efforts into keeping them on the road and out of the repair shops, and here’s an idea see if you can get 15 -20 mpg out of a 15 litre detroit ? now that would be awesome and my money well spent!!