CVSA seminars move online

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has canceled the 2020 North American Cargo Securement Harmonization Public Forum, traditionally held in Canada.

The next forum is scheduled to take place April 18 in Louisville, Ky., coinciding with the 2021 CVSA workshop.

It’s not the only scheduling change on the horizon.

The 2021 Cooperative Hazardous Materials Development Conference, scheduled to be held in Savannah, Ga., will now be offered in a virtual format from Jan. 25-28. Registration fees have been waived, and will not be limited to hazmat specialists, hazmat instructor or CVSA member to attend.

The CVSA/FMCSA Data Quality and Systems Training, meanwhile, will be held online from March 1-5 rather than being hosted in Savannah, Ga. That event is for those who report inspection and crash records to support government safety programs.