Ontario, Michigan discussing partnership to vaccinate Ontario truckers

The Ontario government is reportedly working with the state of Michigan to discuss partnering to vaccinate Ontario-based cross-border truck drivers.

(Photo: iStock)

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) said in a release that it called on provincial officials to reach out to the state to see if an arrangement could be made, similar to those between North Dakota and Saskatchewan and Manitoba. North Dakota is offering vaccines to those essential workers just across the U.S. border.

“The province of Ontario time and time again has stepped up to support our industry, and its truck drivers specifically, during this pandemic – whether it’s by urging the supply chain to improve treatment of drivers, expand access to washrooms, food and medical attention; and now, to increase vaccination availability of truck drivers by working with our counterparts south of the border,” said OTA chairman Wendell Erb.

“OTA would once again like to thank Premier Ford and Minister Mulroney for their leadership and unwavering commitment to our sector and, specifically, our professional driving community.”

Details of a partnership are not yet available, but OTA says discussions of an agreement are continuing.