OTA supports SPIF rollout in letters to Liberals, NDP

The Ontario Trucking Association is stressing that dump truck operators have had plenty of time to comply with Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) regulations – and it’s taken the message to members of the province’s two opposition parties.

Ontario’s SPIF configurations make use of self-steering lift axles. (Wheel Monitor photo)

The NDP and Liberals have both shown support for the Don’t Dump on Us campaign launched by those in the industry who oppose the latest update to weights and dimensions.

The changes require self-steering axles and load equalization systems to maximize weights.

Grandfathering provisions were in place to allow the vehicles live out their useful lives, the province’s largest trucking association notes, adding the latest provisions that apply to dump trucks were announced 10 years ago.

“Because of how the SPIF grandfathering was approached, which allowed vehicles to reach at least 15 years of age, operators and manufacturers were provided significant time to adjust to the new regime, recoup investment in existing equipment and plan their own transitions,” OTA writes.

Permits are also available to further grandfather trucks or trailers that are not yet 15 years old.

“Our board consists of over 70 companies involved in multiple sectors. Based on the composition of OTA’s membership, our board has a large concentration of representatives who own and operate small to mid-size businesses. As such, our association’s positions reflect the concerns of all sizes of carriers – large, small and everything in between.”