Phillips Connect Smart7 ready to connect to trailers

The Phillips Connect Smart7 integrated telematics hub is now available for new trailers and retrofits alike.

The hub is designed to track and manage all trailer health sensors through a single web-based or mobile device interface.

The integrated seven-way nose box features a cellular gateway, GPS tracker, and senor hub that maintains continuous 4G-LTE communication.

Through the Smart7, fleets can monitor various trailer-related status information. Light Out, ABS Fault, and Remote Pre checks are standard. It opens a gateway to monitor trailer doors, tire pressure, cargo status, air tank pressure, ATIS regulator pressure, wheel end temperatures and vibrations, trailer tails, weight, ABS lamps and ATIS lamps.

It can also remotely control the Phillips Connect SmartLock theft-deterring gladhand and SmartLock door locks. Further options are available with the IntellSense harness.