Trucking app supports trip planning around Metro Vancouver

The new Truck Route Planner unveiled by TransLink and B.C.’s provincial government offers a free app to plan truck routes and tap into a variety of commercial truck resources around Metro Vancouver.

Truck operators enter vehicle dimensions, their starting points and destinations to determine the optimum routes based on the vehicle size, municipal bylaws, height clearances, bridge weight load limits, and major road closures.

The Truck Route Planner recommends routes from start to finish, identifying resources along the way. (Photo: TransLink)

The planner also offers Covid-19 information such as facility openings, and shows washrooms and parking locations for commercial vehicles, as well as restaurants and hotels open to the public.

Designed as a pre-planning tool, however, it does not offer real-time directions, and truck drivers are asked to not use the tool while driving.

Those operating oversize and overweight vehicles should instead use resources such as DriveBC’s Commercial Vehicle Clearance tool, Chapter 6 of the Commercial Transport Procedures Manual, the Project Cargo Corridors website, or call the Provincial Permit Centre at 1-800-559-9688.

The need for the route planner emerged through the 2017 regional goods movement strategy, and it was created with support from municipalities, the B.C. Trucking Association (BCTA), and the Greater Vancouver Urban Freight Council. Updates will be made by the provincial government and TransLink.

“The Truck Route Planner supports trucking companies in finding safe, viable routes for goods movement in Metro Vancouver, taking some of the guesswork and frustration out of their operations,” said BCTA president and CEO Dave Earle.

“This online tool makes truck operators’ jobs easier and safer in and around Metro Vancouver and will help keep our provincial economy moving,” added Citizens’ Services Minister Anne Kang.