Kenworth enhancing day cabs, ending T660

KIRKLAND, WA - Kenworth has unveiled several new and coming product enhancements, particularly to its lineup of day cabs, but has also announced that it will officially end production of the venerable T660. The company has sold 60,000 of that aerodynamic tractor since it was first introduced in 2007, essentially replacing the T600. A final 500 of the T660 cabs will be built this year until the last model rolls off the assembly line. Ongoing investments at Kenworth have included a new climactic wind tunnel.About 80% of the trucks that the company builds today are the T680 or its vocational sibling, the T880. The T680 itself accounts for about 60% of sales, with the T880 at just under 30%.

Ontario to invest in green trucks, natural gas network

TORONTO, ON - Ontario has unveiled a five-year Climate Change Action Plan that includes funds to adopt greener commercial vehicles and build a province-wide natural gas fueling network. A new Green Commercial Vehicle Program to launch in 2017 will include up to $170 million in incentives for adopting electric and natural gas commercial vehicles, aerodynamic devices, anti-idling devices, and electric trailer refrigeration. The funding available for specific technologies is not referenced. Another $75-$100 million will be used to build a province-wide natural gas fueling network, which will be developed with input from the Ontario Trucking Association, Union Gas, Enbridge Gas, and others. Natural gas has a lower carbon content than diesel.