Ambassador Bridge

No date for Gordie Howe Bridge with project problems

WINDSOR, ON - Both Canadian members of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) and Untied States' representatives of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) were on-hand Wednesday to ask members of the media to use their imaginations to get the full picture of their expansive vision. The WDBA gave a technical update and showcased key locations for the Gordie Howe International Bridge, which aims to connect the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway - the Windsor extension of Ontario Highway 401 - and Interstate Highway I75 in Michigan, to add another port of entry to the busiest Canada-U.S. border crossing. Set to be one of the top five longest bridges in North America once completed, the vision for the bridge includes two huge plazas - one on each side of the border - with 36 inspection booths, of which an estimated 18 will be dedicated to commercial vehicle use. The project also plans to feature staging areas with facilities for commercial vehicle drivers in between the primary and secondary checkpoints. Although the U.S. side of the bridge won't feature a duty-free shop, or other amenities for those making the crossing, the WDBA says the addition of a shop or other faculties like a place to grab food or a coffee would be part of any package chosen through the on-going Request For Proposals (RFP).

Emergency repairs ordered for Ambassador Bridge

WINDSOR, ON -- Transport Canada has ordered the Ambassador Bridge to make emergency repairs on the Canadian side of the international border crossing that connects Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Concerns reportedly involve railings and curbs, and require temporary concrete barriers to divide the traffic in both directions and separate it from the outside curb. "It's possible carriers and travelers could encounter some delays at some point, depending on how quickly the bridge [authority] reacts to the order," the Ontario Trucking Association says. Last year, Transport Canada also issued an order to the Detroit International Bridge Company to fix railings, concrete curb and sidewalk on the U.S. side of the span.