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    Ready to put your Logistics Know-How to the Test?

    May 15, 2019 11:01AM by Brad Ling

    CITT’s new Challenge On-Ramp was designed specifically with experienced supply chain executives like Perry Lo in mind. The managing director of Canaan Transport Group Perry explains how if you already know the business of logistics, CITT can certify you without the need to go back to class. Feeling up to the challenge? To learn more about this time-saving two-step qualification process, visit

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    Up to the Challenge

    May 2, 2019 9:27AM by Lou Smyrlis

    Introducing the Challenge On-Ramp to CCLP® Designation CITT president Pina Melchionna explains this new and exciting initiative. For those logistics professionals  who already know the business of logistics, CITT can certify you without sending you back to class. The Challenge

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    Future Shock: Speakers discuss changing workplaces

    November 25, 2016 12:00AM by John G Smith

    BRAMPTON, ON – Predicting the future is an inexact science, but several emerging trends offer glimpses of things to come. The Toronto chapter of CITT, which offers training in supply chain logistics, pulled together several industry representatives at its Fast Forward event on Thursday night to share thoughts on challenges they experience and expect.

  • CITT Launches Logistics Professional Development Plan Finder

    August 20, 2015 12:00AM by Today's Trucking Staff

    TORONTO — People looking to build their expertise and credibility as supply chain logistics professionals now have a new way to find out what it takes to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP).

  • CITT Goes Mobile, Introduces New Private Trucking Courses

    July 27, 2015 12:00AM by Today's Trucking Staff

    TORONTO — CITT has made it that much easier for professionals to build their supply chain logistics abilities through specialized online courses towards the CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation while it has just unveiled a set of courses aimed at those in private trucking.

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    CITT Renames Logistics Conference, Opens Registration

    August 1, 2014 12:00AM by Martin Smith

    CALGARY, AB – The Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation has changed the name of its annual logistics conference and has opened early-bird registration.

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    What’s in the name

    November 5, 2013 3:39PM by Truck News

    Why CITT is changing its designation name.