Volvo Trucks N.A. partners with FedEx to test platooning vehicles in live conditions

RALEIGH, NC -- Volvo Trucks North America drove a long-held secret down North Carolina Highway 540 today. In the first successful on-highway demonstration of platooning technology between a major truck manufacturer and a transportation company, Volvo and FedEx working closely with the North Carolina Turnpike Authority (NCTA) took three trucks on the road to showcase their advanced driver assisted technology. Volvo has kept its partnership with FedEx under wraps for about a year, using Volvo VNL 300 day cabs and a Volvo VNL 670 sleeper cab first on closed tracks in South Carolina and then for the last three  months on the North Carolina Triangle Expressway -- an area designated by the NCTA as a testing place for autonomous vehicles -- to adapt its platooning technology developed in Europe for the North American market.

FedEx Canada joins the Amber Alert program

TORONTO, ON - FedEx Express Canada will add nearly 3,000 pairs of eyes looking for missing children. The Canadian courier announced this week that it is partnering with the Ontario Amber Alert program, and will rebroadcast amber alerts to its 6,500 Canadian employees, including nearly 3,000 couriers, so they can aid in finding missing children. President Lisa Lisson says with the increase in e-commerce, the courier company is in more places around the country, making them good candidates for helping to locate missing children when needed. "As loving parents and proud Canadians, our employees want to be of service to the community and help keep our children safe from harm," says Lisson.