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Benefits of ELDs outweigh costs 2:1, Transport Canada says

TORONTO, ON - Transport Canada has determined that the benefits of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) essentially double the related costs, according to a newly released Cost-Benefit Analysis. The analysis examined two scenarios - a mandate for all federally regulated carriers, and one that excluded vehicles that would already have to meet a pending U.S. mandate for the devices. The analysis "confirms the significant net benefit from an ELD mandate and dispels some of the myths about ELDs that are out there," said David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, which released the results.

IN PRINT — ELDs Part 2: The Learning Curve

TORONTO, ON -- When I replaced my typewriter with a laptop some years ago, everyone told me it would be an easy transition. It's the same thing, they told me. The keyboard, at least, was more or less the same. I soon discovered I'd have a few other things to deal with, like software and operating systems and crashes and batteries and floppy disks and updates and the dreaded Blue Screen of Death - moments before a deadline. The move to electronic logs from paper won't be any different.

Transport Canada begins consultations on ELDs

TORONTO, ON - Transport Canada has officially launched "informal" consultations around Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) -- a move that the Canadian Trucking Alliance sees as a precursor to mandating the equipment for federally regulated carriers. Such consultations come before the more formal process of publishing a proposed rule in Canada Gazette Part 1, which the alliance expects sometime in early 2017. A 60-day comment period would then be required before a final rule is published, and a compliance date would be one or two years after that. "The momentum is clearly building towards a mandate," said David Bradley, president and CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA). He also called on provincial governments to "get on board and start preparing" for mandates that mirror those at the federal level.