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    The Lac-Megantic Effect

    March 1, 2014 12:00AM by James Menzies

    When an unmanned 74-car freight train carrying crude oil careened into the small Quebec town of Lac-Megantic July 6, burning much of it to the ground and killing 47 people, it was easy to dismiss it as a rail issue. After all, though transport…

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    Whose loss is it anyway?

    February 1, 2013 12:00AM by David Bradley

    Imagine a carrier who dispatches a tractor to pick up a trailer at a shipper’s loading dock. The trailer is sealed for security reasons and the driver merely hooks on and proceeds towards the delivery point. Happens thousands of times a…

  • Law needed to protect carriers from shipper indemnification clauses in freight contracts

    October 1, 2011 12:00AM by David Bradley

    There has been a growing trend, particularly amongst large shippers, to include an indemnification clause in their freight contracts with carriers.