IN PRINT — Natural Investments: Will carbon taxes boost natural gas trucking?

Times were different when C.A.T. signed the deal for 100 trucks that run on Compressed Natural Gas. The Canadian and U.S. dollar were essentially valued at par, increasing the fleet's buying power on U.S.-made equipment. Quebec's provincial government also pledged $15,000 per truck, helping to offset any sticker shock around the emission-friendly designs, and natural gas was clearly cheaper than diesel when oil was close to $100 per barrel.

GE Capital, Shell Partner for Natural Gas Truck Leasing

MONTREAL- One company in the financial services arena and another in the energy business have teamed up to facilitate the trucking industry's adoption in Canada of liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks.Under an agreement, GE Capital Canada and Shell Canada Products will work together to reduce monthly payments for truck fleets that lease natural gas vehicles (NGVs). GE Capital has been providing wholesale and retail financing to the country's commercial trucking sector for 35 years. Specifically, fleets owners can sign natural gas fueling contracts with Shell and, separately, secure leases for LNG vehicles with GE Capital. The agreement covers equipment that will purchase fuel from Shell's facilities.In and interview with Today's Trucking, Veronique Hache, strategic initiative leader, natural gas, with GE Capital, said the company is offering the same service for natural gas powered trucks that it has for diesel powered ones for many years, but this new program is way to offset the higher costs of the alternatively fueled equipment.