Automatic grease jockey smooths the way for uptime

ATLANTA, GA - Dan Jensen admits that talking grease isn't sexy. The global product marketing manager for Graco was at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show to promote the latest in the company's line of automatic lubrication pumps, and said that the crowds he often speaks to at trade shows are small, because grease just isn't as fun a topic as shiny new trucks or tires. In the end though, grease is what makes everything go.

Michelin guarantees performance of new drive tire

ATLANTA, GA - Michelin is promising its new XDA Energy + drive tire will save fleets $400 a year in fuel, and is backing that promise up with a guarantee. The company's newest drive tire was designed for fuel economy, and Michelin says it will pay fleets that don't see the promised fuel savings over competitive brands up to $400 per truck. Fleets of any size can take the test. Michelin will work with them to benchmark their fuel economy using their current drive tire, then swap those brands out with the new XDA Energy+.

Event to show how to run on less

NEW YORK, NY - Seven fleets that collectively operate about 11,000 power units and 26,000 trailers have signed on to participate in Run on Less - a fuel-efficiency demonstration that runs September 6-28 and wraps up at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta, Georgia.The event is being run by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency, which has already developed a library of "confidence reports" that quantify the benefits realized through different fuel-saving technologies.