Ontario Ministry of Transportation

On-road charges, enforcement practices changing

MILTON, Ont. -- The rules of engagement have changed when it comes to the charges Ontario drivers can face – as have the people who might lay the charges in the first place. As of last week, Ontario Ministry of Transportation enforcement teams expanded their focus beyond speed limiters to include charges for outright speeding, Frontline Commercial Vehicle Solutions’ Alex Bugeya told fleet managers during a presentation hosted by the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC).

Highway Robbery: The push is on to tackle clearance practices, excessive tow fees

TORONTO, Ont. -- Guy Broderick couldn’t believe the towing invoice that appeared in front of him. The task seemed so simple. An APPS Transport truck only had to be towed a single exit down Highway 401. The clean-up involved nothing more than a bit of coolant that had spilled through a failing lower rad hose. The tow alone cost $2,531 – and that’s after Broderick negotiated a $1,000 discount. The coolant cleanup was billed at another $2,260, which included a $2,000 flat-rated “environmental” fee.

Ontario extends 60-foot trailer trial

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is extending a trial of 60-foot trailers beyond the retail sector. Permits are now based on Commercial Vehicle Operator Record (CVOR) rather than a semitrailer’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the Ontario Trucking Association reports. But the permits – one for each semitrailer -- will list all VINs included in the trial. Participating carriers are limited to eight permits, and just four in the first year of a trial.

Blitz results revealed by CVSA

GREENBELT, MD - Inspectors issued 59,193 warnings and citations in Canada and the U.S. during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA's) Operation Safe Driver Week, which ran from October 15 to 21. And passenger vehicle drivers were more likely than their commercial counterparts to be caught speeding. State and local moving violations represented 84.2% of the 38,878 warnings and citations for commercial vehicle drivers, with speeding (7.4%), failing to use a seat belt (2.6%), failing to obey a traffic control device (2.5%), and using a handheld phone (0.8%) rounding out the top five. Among passenger vehicle drivers, the 20,315 citations and warnings involved speeding (43.5%), state and local moving violations (36.2%), failing to use a seat belt (9.4%), failing to obey a traffic control device (2.3%), and improper lane changes (1.5%). Less than 1% of the warnings and citations were for following too closely.

OTA and government meet on parking

TORONTO, ON - The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is bringing the lack of adequate truck parking in the province to the attention of the government. The OTA hosted officials from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and other government consultants at a roundtable on the issue last week to discuss expanded parking options in Northern and Southern Ontario. The lobbying organization says the meeting was well attended by both officials and the group's carrier members who were able to lend a voice to the parking shortage issue, and that all attendees seemed to be on the same page about both long and short-term solutions to the problem.