OTA Helps Toronto Truckers Avoid “Pan-Am-Monium”

TORONTO - Pan Am traffic tie-ups are already starting, but on Friday the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) hosted a gathering of carriers, Ministry of Transportation (MTO) officials and other parties to craft a plan to minimize Pan Am traffic woes. The Pan Am Games run from July 10 to the 26 and and Parapan Games are from August 7 to 15. Starting this week and for the duration of the games, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is looking at road closures; signal-timing modification; parking and stopping restrictions; turning restrictions; conversion of roads to one-way operations, police-managed traffic control points; and the increase or transfer to carpool lanes on many (GTA) highways.

Tolls Mulled as Solution for Gardiner Expressway Costs

TORONTO -- As the debate continues both inside and outside of Toronto about whether to tear down or rebuild the eastern end of the Gardiner Expressway a new plan has surfaced within the city's government. Some councillors have been discussing the idea of putting tolls along the route for non-Toronto residents, with the money going to pay for repairs and upkeep of the elevated roadway, according to published reports. If such a plan is adopted, the city owned freeway, would either turned over the provincial government or Toronto would at least have to get permission from the Ontario government to implement tolls