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Truck parking shortage is a productivity killer

What are the industry's biggest issues these days? Most everyone will say the driver shortage leads the way. Everyone except drivers, of course. I'd say top spot belongs to hours of service rules followed closely by the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, both of which are key reasons for the shortage... of drivers willing to work long hours within that arbitrarily constructed straitjacket. So it's no surprise that the top three issues for drivers are those two plus the lack of parking facilities.

Truckers hoping to drive through change in Ontario’s north

TIMMINS, Ont. – The Ontario general election is well underway and getting a lot of air time, but no one would fault you if you hadn’t heard of the Northern Ontario Party (NOP), or its two truck-driving candidates. The party, as its name would suggest, is only located in northern Ontario and prides itself on having no whip or central campaign to force candidates to stay on a single message. That riding-first policy was part of what attracted Shawn Poirier and Gary Schaap to the smaller party. The two drivers each say the lack of party line to toe mean they get to focus on issues that matter to them and their potential constituents – concerns that are shared by those in the trucking industry.

OTA and government meet on parking

TORONTO, ON - The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is bringing the lack of adequate truck parking in the province to the attention of the government. The OTA hosted officials from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and other government consultants at a roundtable on the issue last week to discuss expanded parking options in Northern and Southern Ontario. The lobbying organization says the meeting was well attended by both officials and the group's carrier members who were able to lend a voice to the parking shortage issue, and that all attendees seemed to be on the same page about both long and short-term solutions to the problem.