truck sales

Truck market has bottomed out: Volvo chief

DUBLIN, VA - Volvo Trucks has set an ambitious target for itself - to be nothing less than "Number 1" in the world. "It doesn't necessarily mean we want to be the biggest," said Volvo Trucks president Claes Nilsson, during the launch of the company's new VNL long-haul tractor. "We want our customers to make more money and be more successful." That said, Volvo is clearly on a growth curve. Globally it now has 2,000 dealers and shops - 420 of which are in North America - and sells models in more than 190 countries. "Our dealers truly believe in the future," adds Goran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. About US$600 million has been invested in the manufacturer's North American dealer network since 2010, adding 65 new locations and increasing service bay activities by 51%.

Suppliers predict growing truck market

LOUISVILLE, KY - What a difference a few months can make. Earlier this year, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems was projecting Class 8 truck sales would drop about 5-10%. Now it's projecting the market will grow about 5%. "Overall, I think the economy has turned for us in the trucking industry," chairman Joe McAleese observed, citing growing truck orders and dropping cancellations. Truck tonnage and utilization are both seen as under control. It was a theme repeated during briefings during the Mid-America Trucking Show's media day.

Kenworth enhancing day cabs, ending T660

KIRKLAND, WA - Kenworth has unveiled several new and coming product enhancements, particularly to its lineup of day cabs, but has also announced that it will officially end production of the venerable T660. The company has sold 60,000 of that aerodynamic tractor since it was first introduced in 2007, essentially replacing the T600. A final 500 of the T660 cabs will be built this year until the last model rolls off the assembly line. Ongoing investments at Kenworth have included a new climactic wind tunnel.About 80% of the trucks that the company builds today are the T680 or its vocational sibling, the T880. The T680 itself accounts for about 60% of sales, with the T880 at just under 30%.