Nussbaum Transportation Runs Smart

Freightliner's Cascadia trucks are comfortable, efficient, and productive which aids in our driver recruiting and retention efforts. This top of the line truck allows our drivers to be confident that they have a reliable piece of equipment to provide our customers with superior service. The increased fuel economy Nussbaum is seeing from a combination of Freightliner equipment and trailer skirts and tails allows us to run trucks more efficiently, placing Nussbaum at the forefront of the industry.

Cascadia: Meet the Makers

Our engineers threw out the regular playbook on heavy-duty trucks to build the Cascadia. Our test fleet was fertile ground for ideas. We counted more drivers at both ends of the size spectrum: big men who needed a bigger seat, and small women who needed a more adjustable chair. They got it. And we built all controls in the cab to be usable, even with work gloves on. Then they tested, retested, then kept on testing so you'd have the most reliable and aerodynamic truck with an ultra-quiet and safe cab.