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Trucking HR Canada to help industry create more accurate driver job ads


OTTAWA, Ont. — Trucking HR Canada is introducing a new series of tools to help truck driving become a skilled occupation under Canada’s National Occupational Classification.

Truck driving is currently listed under the NOC as a “low-skilled” career even though professional driving requires lots of in-school and on-the-job training. However, this is not always reflected in job ads, training programs, and industry practice, Trucking HR Canada says.

“Every time a recruiter says no education required or no experience necessary, it implies the job is easier than it actually is,”  Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada says.

According to Trucking HR Canada, the Canadian government makes structural changes to NOC codes every 10 years, and researchers are now reviewing job descriptions and career ads to identify the skills the trucking industry currently requires.

To help change this, the organization developed a new way to help employers create job ads that correctly depict the occupation’s requirements.

“More accurate job ads can help change perceptions about the driver occupation in our industry, and the level of skill at which they are recognized,”  Trucking HR Canada says in a release. “In addition, it will help trucking companies attract and retain the qualified drivers they require in order to continue efficient and productive operations.”

To access the new tools, click here:

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4 Comments » for Trucking HR Canada to help industry create more accurate driver job ads
  1. Michael Gower says:

    Drivers Wanted
    Poor pay for hours worked
    Looked down on by management/ownership
    Minimal home/family time

    How’s that for an opening?

  2. Viktor Vas says:

    I don’t know where you work, but I make 75k a year, get treated with the utmost respect, and work 21 days a month (give or take) and then home for a week.

    maybe it’s time to look at a better company?

  3. Steve says:

    Well, you’re obviously one of the lucky ones Viktor and I’m happy for you. What I’ve discovered on Vancouver Island is that the average wage for a class 1 driver start at $18 (some pay $17.??) and eventually after a few years goes up to $21/h to $23/h. Yes a few companies do pay more but for Still quite far from your 75k/year.

  4. robert allard says:

    To make 75k per year you have to earn 37.50 dollar per hour tell every one who is the company that pay so well……
    The simple way to increase the OTR job would be to start at the High school level and see who is fit for the future job.

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