Donaldson using telematics to monitor filters

ATLANTA, Ga. – Donaldson Company has released its new Filter Minder to monitor engine air filters by tapping into existing telematics systems.

It means filter changes can be based on actual condition rather than being set on scheduled maintenance intervals alone.

“Too early is a problem, too late is a problem,” said Nate Zambon, director of the Donaldson Filter Minder product line, noting how one fleet found its changed filters still had 75-85% of potential service life in them.

“A dirty filter is actually a better filter,” he added, referring to the way dirt can fill crevices.

Through the system, sensors and receivers will feed filter performance data into the cloud, while predictive analytics warn when individual trucks need a filter change.

Consider the applications. Air filtration monitoring comes first, but fuel, lube and hydraulics are coming soon, he said. In winter, for example, the system could help to identify increased restriction on the fuel filter.

There are no upfront hardware costs, but a nominal subscription fee based on the option — about the cost of a sandwich per month, per service, he said. The wireless sensor also features “ultra-low” energy consumption and promises a 10-year life.

“From an install perspective, it’s super easy,” Zambon said.

“We want this to show up on your bottom line, that you’re able to operate your trucks more efficiently.”

The first 1,000 trucks will be equipped with the system this spring.







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