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Sleep, Fatigue and safety

  • Volvo Trucks offering Bose, Sears seats as factory-installed options

    March 15, 2013 1:46PM by Truck News

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Volvo Trucks has announced that the Bose Ride seat suspension system is now available for order as a factory-installed option on its VNM and VNL highway tractors. Officials say Volvo is the first North American truck…

  • Spotlight on HoS changes preventing progress in other safety areas: ATA

    December 8, 2011 9:05AM by Truck News

    ARLINGTON, Va. — The American Trucking Associations says the focus on “unnecessary” changes to current Hours-of-Service by advocacy groups and the current leadership at the Department of Transportation has prevented progress on a number of…

  • Subaru yanks radio ad after angry CTA letter

    November 14, 2011 9:10AM by Truck News

    TORONTO, Ont. — Subaru Canada has removed an ad from the airwaves after the Canadian Trucking Alliance called it an “unfair and unnecessary mischaracterization of professional truck drivers.”

  • Feature Health & Safety

    This is one test you just may want to fail

    November 1, 2011 12:00AM by Bruce Richards

    As tests go, this is one you might prefer to fail. Having read many articles and sat through a number of presentations on a pervasive health issue that affects commercial drivers as well as the general public, I thought it was time for me to…

  • Feature Health & Safety

    You’re tired, take a rest

    August 1, 2011 12:00AM by James Menzies

    KING CITY, Ont. – Imagine being able to roll back the clock and speak to a tired driver before they are involved in an accident. A high-tech, real-time fatigue advisory system being tested by Praxair’s Canadian fleet is allowing the…

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Sleep apnea screening

    July 1, 2011 12:00AM by Evelyn Cartmill

    The threat of sleep apnea might seem like a safety manager’s worst nightmare.

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Winter burnout compounded by improving freight environment

    May 1, 2011 12:00AM by Al Goodhall

    Hello Spring! I wasn’t sure if you were going to put in an appearance at all this year. As I looked back over the past four or five months, I realized how burned out I was.

  • Feature Health & Safety

    The road to wellness

    May 1, 2011 12:00AM by Dr. Christopher Singh

    When truck drivers are healthy, everyone involved in the industry wins. Drivers feel better and experience less downtime due to injury or illness. Also, companies have employees that are more productive and are less likely to face costly…

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Dealing with sleep apnea

    May 1, 2011 12:00AM by James Menzies

    It seems you can’t go to an industry convention anymore without the topic of sleep apnea appearing on the agenda. As I learned more about this condition, I began to suspect I suffered from it myself.

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Need a boost? Put down the energy drink and go for a walk

    March 1, 2011 12:00AM by Karen Bowen

    Last month, I wrote that Vitamins A, B, C, D and E can help keep your mind functioning well. Outside of eating foods containing these, engaging in some other practices could give you additional short- and long-term benefits.

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Understand sleep apnea before the regulations arrive

    October 1, 2010 12:00AM by Evelyn Cartmill

    Roadside inspectors have traditionally been limited to examining the lines of a logbook when trying to measure the threat of driver fatigue, but a recent push in the US could see truckers screened for…

  • Feature Health & Safety

    Focus on fatigue management and wellness can pay dividends

    September 1, 2010 12:00AM by Truck News

    The trucking industry is no stranger to tickets for drivers who exceed their allowable hours of service, but the recent note on one carrier’s CSA 2010 profile demonstrates a new kind of focus on drive…