Meyers Transport

190 losing jobs with Meyers closure

BELLEVILLE, ON - About 190 people are losing their jobs this month as Meyers Transport prepares to close after 90 years in business, citing a steady drop in freight volumes. "LTL is definitely a volume business. You need critical mass," said Natalie Meyers, chairwoman of the business that had been counted among Canada's largest fleets. "The profitability in LTL just isn't there." Much of the company's freight came from industrial clients, which have been gradually declining in Eastern Ontario where the fleet is based. "There's not a lot of surprise," she says of the decision, "but more sadness." The owners just wanted to close the doors on their terms, rather than waiting for the situation to be forced on them.

Meyers Transport ceasing LTL operations

BELLEVILLE, ON - Meyers Transport -- a trucking company that has been in business for 90 years -- is closing the doors on its LTL fleet January 20, while related Mortrans and Mosaic Logistics businesses will continue operations. Mortrans, based in Belleville, Ontario, will continue to provide truckload and dedicated specialty services between Ontario, Quebec and the U.S., and will be owned and operated by Larry and Natalie Meyers. Mosaic Logistics, based in Peterborough, Ontario, provides third-party logistics services and will be owned and operated by Jacquie Meyers.