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It’s good to finally hear from you!

For weeks now, I’ve been wondering if anybody reads this blog. I posted an entry on speed limiters, and that’s usually guaranteed to get a reaction out of our readers. But nothing but crickets responded.
This morning, I received an e-mail from a visitor to the site who asked why his comments hadn’t been posted. That got me digging, and I soon realized that most reader comments were being diverted to a “Junk” folder aimed at capturing ‘spam.’
So I apologize if you have been patiently waiting to see your comments posted. I have gone through the Junk folder and released the legitimate comments. I’ll keep an eye on this folder regularly from now on and ensure that your comments are posted as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to peruse some of the older entries to see what other visitors to the site have had to say.

James Menzies

James Menzies

James Menzies is editor of Truck News magazine. He has been covering the Canadian trucking industry for more than 15 years and holds a CDL. Reach him at or follow him on Twitter at @JamesMenzies.
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2 Comments » for It’s good to finally hear from you!
  1. Laura O'Neill says:

    We have been trying to fight this law for months now and it is truly an uphill battle. I am with the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association and we need your help. There are 2 problems I have faced in meeting with the legislature in Ontario. One is that they believe that the Ontario Trucking Association represents the entire trucking industry and two that Owner Operators do not care about this issue because they dont see their numbers (ie, most owner operators are busy WORKING so it is sometimes difficult to make a lot of noise on an issue). If anyone can become engaged on this issue, please contact me. We are talking fines of $20,000 for violation of this ridiculous law! We need to be angry and not stand for it.

  2. Karen says:

    Wow … so the big trucks cause all the accidents? What about the morons in the cars who don’t know how to drive? Why aren’t speed limiters put on cars? This is the biggest joke – now my husband has to work harder for less money to get somewhere because of people driving cars complaining about truck drivers … what a crock!

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