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Verspeeten Cartage buys Moe’s

INGERSOLL, Ont. -- has learned that automotive trucking company Verspeeten Cartage has purchased Moe’s Transport.

INGERSOLL, Ont. — has learned that automotive trucking company Verspeeten Cartage has purchased Moe’s Transport.

Scott Verspeeten, general manager of Verspeeten Cartage confirmed the deal this afternoon. Even before the deal, Verspeeten ranked as one of Canada’s biggest automotive specialists. According to the Top Tier report published by Motortruck Fleet Executive, Verspeeten ran 280 tractors and 518 trailers. Moe’s operates 350 tractors and 690 trailers.

“The purchase of Moe’s fits well into our existing business segment, sharing many of the same customers which should strengthen and increase current capacities,” said Ron Verspeeten, president of Verspeeten Cartage. “We are very excited to work with Moe’s Management and staff, continuing to provide quality truckload service to all customers.”

Moe’s operates terminals in Windsor, Ont., Whitby, Ont. and Romulus, Mich. Just last year Verspeeten celebrated its 60th year in business.

Mark Borkowski, president of Mercantile Mergers & Acquisitions Corp., said Verspeeten’s ability to take on such a major acquisition speaks to its strong management.

“They bought (Moe’s) because they wanted the customers,” Borkowski said. “They wanted the organization. (It’s a) well managed company. Well structured. Even as smaller guys they were able to go to their bank and say, ‘Look at how well this company is managed. We want to take on a giant.’ Yes, the smaller guy did prevail in this particular case. You will see those types of transactions on occasion but not as often as we used to.”

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11 Comments » for Verspeeten Cartage buys Moe’s
  1. Jerry says:

    Good news. I hope Versteeten upgrades Moes equipment and especially their drivers. It would be great to see Moes trucks turned down to 105.

  2. justin says:

    Yah, up grade there tractors. All 105 does is create traffic congestion. Why don’t they put speed limiters on Cars!

  3. Tom Cooper says:

    Congrats to VCL…my personal view is Moe’s has just been upgraded in a large way. I use to work for VCL a long time ago and Ron is a major player within the industry and a hell of a manager. Good luck with your new acquisition.

  4. janine loiselle says:

    my husband drives for moes! he is a honest. dedicated hard working person who takes pride in his job performance! shame on you JERRY!!!!

  5. kevin says:

    Good news glad to hear & see that a good older Canadian company is doing well & getting bigger. I go back to the 70s & 80s working beside the Verspeeten boys hauling grain. I was at Mcburney,s back then so all the best to Verspteeten cartage keep the big green trucks rolling.

  6. Steve Dmytrow says:

    I’m not sure weither this is a good deal or bad deal. I have never heard any negative remarks about verspeden. I guess time will tell. However I’m very disappointed as well as other Moe’s drivers as to the way this was handled. Everyone of Moe’s employees where very dedicated to the company. It was the employees that made the company what it is today through hard work and dedication. It was a total shock that we were left in the dark about this deal. Many of us heard from people who are not even in the trucking industry. Shame on you Moe. I hope verspeden has plans in the near future on meeting with the drivers to discuss the future of the company before they have more drivers quit.

  7. Larry says:

    I was with GM and dealt with Ron and the Verspeeten family and employees. They are stand up folks and know how to run an ethical and forthright businsee. They did not play the financial trickery that his competitors did to land new business…I’m sure this will be a very good move for all of the employees of Moes as well.

  8. Doug Humpage says:

    I agree with Steve. We drivers should have been informed long before this. But thats the way things roll at Moe’s ,always left out in the dark.Hope things get better with new employer

  9. Heather says:

    First of all congrats on Verspeeten to take on a good company! That’s not right that the staff was left in the dark.. If it wasn’t for the drivers and staff working at Moes.. There wouldn’t be a company! On another note.. I caught wind that a lot of jobs have been cut and putting families out on the street.. That says alot for their so called “family friendly” company! However, I work for the border and I always see moes tractors and trailers crossing.. They are usually clean and look well maintained BUT I have noticed, since this new change unveiled they have been quite dirty. I hope Verspeeten stays on top of that due to Windsor being a border city as well as a clean truck and trailer is a safe truck and trailer.. Hopefully for the drivers sake the custom agents will be able to read their numbers on their trucks!

  10. Gk says:

    Disgusted with verspeeten! The deal they made with the company of Moes transport was simple! Take over contracts and equipment, and continue to employ anyone willing to stay! Well since the merger they have fired a vast majority of employees, they have fired many good people who worked hard for them getting them started! Seems as though it was there plan from the beginning, “teach us how the company works and help us get started smoothly. Then stab the good family people who decided to roll the dice and stick around in hopes of a better place to work, straight in their backs by saying. (Quote) ” gather your stuff hand in your phone, keys, and paperwork and in 30-mins we will have a taxi in the front to escort you off the premises!!” This is bad business shame on you verspeenten!! It seems to me the only plan that existed was to buy Moes, sell equipment, fire all who makes decent money, and take contracts over to the mother company… It’s funny when you read the verspeenten website it says “we are a family friendly company,” well sorry but you guys put many family’s out of a job! In a economy where there is not enough work as is… My two cents!!!!

  11. Dale says:

    I drove for Verspeeten for a short time as an owner and I have to say,they treated me fair and there was mutual respect. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have come across many terrible unprofessional drivers at Moe’s, glad to see them under new ownership. Al at Verspeeten is a great guy to have in Safety.

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