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Shippers Conditions Index reflects balanced freight market

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The January Shippers Conditions Index (SCI) reflected a balanced freight market, FTR reported.

The 1.4 reading was slightly lower than December’s 1.8, but remained in positive territory for shippers. FTR forecasts the index to remain close to neutral through the first quarter and then to rise slowly as the year progresses.

However, it also notes conditions for shippers will improve only marginally as capacity will remain historically tight.

“While conditions for shippers are forecast to remain neutral to positive over the coming months, it is possible that the duration and extent of flooding in the U.S. Midwest could be a headwind to those improvements, depending on where your freight is moving,” said Todd Tranausky, vice-president of rail and intermodal for FTR. “Overall stable fuel prices and more available capacity than was experienced in 2018 will create a relatively calm environment.”

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