Goodyear debuts new tire management program

by Truck News

ATLANTA, Ga. – Goodyear today introduced its new Tire Optix tire management program, which will allow its tire technicians to increase productivity by 20-25%.

The new service, part of Goodyear’s Total Solution suite of tools, was announced at the Spring meetings of the Technology & Maintenance Council meetings.

“Regular tire inflation and tread level checks are important truck tire management practices,” said Johnny McIntosh, general manager, commercial business solutions, Goodyear. “Today, most tire technicians measure inflation and tread depth levels with a manual gauge, jot down the results on a piece of paper, and later may key the data into a computer – sometimes taking days to relay the information back to a fleet. We saw an opportunity to streamline this procedure and increase speed and accuracy. The result is our new Tire Optix program.”

The program provides Goodyear truck tire technicians with a special scanning device, which allows them to electronically record air pressure and tread depth. That information is automatically uploaded via Bluetooth to a cloud-based platform. The data can be viewed in real-time by the fleet.

“Goodyear Tire Optix enables faster, more accurate data collection and eliminates the need for manual data entry,” said McIntosh. “Fleets can see information in real-time, enabling them to identify maintenance opportunities and immediately adjust their tire management programs, if needed. This helps increase their uptime and improve the utilization of their tire assets.”

If a problem is identified on a tire, a picture can be taken and uploaded for analysis by the fleet. A note can also be made in the app by the tire inspector.

“All that stuff, upon completion, syncs to the tire performance database, crunches the numbers, and sends back three actionable reports,” McIntosh explained during a demo at TMC.

The new program is available now through Goodyear dealers.

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