Rand McNally introduces TND 740 truck GPS

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Rand McNally has announced the launch of a new TND 740 truck-specific GPS, which it says is faster and more powerful than the unit it replaces.

The system was designed to save drivers time. It attaches to a powered magnetic mount for easy removal. It’s also capable of receiving map updates over the air through a WiFi connection.

TND 740

The TND 740 has twice the storage capacity and a higher-resolution seven-inch display screen with a brighter display.

“The processing speed is vastly improved,” Venky Rao, director, product management, consumer products, said at the Mid-America Trucking Show. “It has double the storage and double the memory compared to its predecessor. We overhauled the user interface so it has richer, more saturated graphics.”

The TND 740 can also be paired electronic logging devices, including the ELD 50 from Rand McNally. That makes the device ELD-ready. The company also partnered with Progressive, which is offering its customers $500 in gift cards in exchange for sharing data about their device usage. The information collected will be aggregated and won’t influence insurance premiums, Rand McNally assured.

The new system carries a recommended price of US$399.

James Menzies

James Menzies is editor of Today's Trucking. He has been covering the Canadian trucking industry for more than 18 years and holds a CDL. Reach him at james@newcom.ca or follow him on Twitter at @JamesMenzies.

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  • The new TND740 sounds nice. The only problem I have in staying with Rand McNally is the reliability of the equipment. I have a TND730 for three years and has been sent in for repair twice. I have a Garmin that I am using along side the 730. The Garmin is 5 years old with no repairs. I am hesident to staying with Rand McNally

    • I bought one of their tnd tablets about 2 years ago. What a piece of junk. I sent it in 4 times before the first year was over. The last time I was told next time I would have to pay for repairs. I asked for a refund and was to no so l settled on a trade for a 730. It’s been going for a year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      • I just bought the 740 today I’m fixing to see what it is all about so far I’m nervous about it after everything I have read

  • I’ve been using Rand Mcnally gps since the 510 series. As others have said RELIABILITY not speed is what truck drivers want to spend their hard earned money on.
    The reliability of your units are horrible and if I can do without it as it is being sent in to be repaired I CAN DO WITHOUT IT PERIOD!!!

    • I bought the Rand Mcnally TND 740 this is a waste of Money it won`t update and They won`t answer phone calls. $399.99 of my money is wasted because it won`t load the maps. enjoy that money Rand McNally you will never sell me anything Else. I was told the Driver`s were out of Date. This P.O.S ain`t but I have had it about 2 months.

  • I agree with Greg. It sounds great. With the exception of the magnet mount, which I can see failing at a high rate. And again with the reliability issues with the 730… I’d like to find out what was done, with the internals rather than the bells and whistles.

  • if the 740 is anything like the T80, then this is not going to be a good unit to have? I got the T80 2yrs a go n have nothing but luck out of it from screen freezing up to cant get updates?

  • The biggest issue is the previous units seem to start having problems after maybe 6 months possibly due to the constant vibration and bouncing as the truck travels over our washboard roads , pot holes, bumps etc. The customer service and tech support suck.

  • I want to buy it but all the things that are said about them I am scared I was going to get it at ta truck stop for 550 and it comes with the eld50 I believe it is called for logs but all that I hear about customer service being horrible and the unit itself being built poorly makes me very nervous about spending $600 on something that’s not even going to work properly and can’t be relied on

  • I have a 730 for two years and it’s keep freezing at least 2 time a month and yesterday it won’t boot up. So went and both a 740 the speaker is 1/4 of the size of previous model. So the sound come out weak and electronic. But it’s way faster. And look good

  • The last few models steered me wrong many times. If you decide to get off the interstate to cross over it to stop at a trk stop, before you can get over the intterstate, the tnd 730 tries to get u to get back on the interstate going in the wrong direction to go to the next exit to get off & cross over to get back on in the right direction! It should have told me to make a I turn as soon as possible since I have that option on & it does so on all other roads, but not on interstates! It does this every time you get off interstates to cross over for an unplanned stop. It also has me at my dest when I’m 5 miles away on a few occassions, regardless of how many ways you try entering the address variants. Been using their devices for last 6 years & am very unhappy with them. They are good map people but bad gps makers.

  • The gps is great but the new magnetic mount is junk I paid over $500.00 dollars for it and hate it if I could upgrade to the 765 from the 740 I would in a heartbeat