Smaller displacement engines, gasoline increasing in popularity

by Truck News

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A new report from ACT Research and Rhein Associates indicates lower-displacement engines in Class 8 trucks and gasoline engines in medium-duty trucks are gaining favor.

The report, N.A. Commercial Vehicle On-Highway Engine Outlook, indicated engines over 10 liters are projected to account for more than 85% of the Class 8 production between 2020 and 2024, while the trend towards smaller displacement engines is expected to continue.

“Although the over 14L engine category will remain the largest segment in 2019, there is a trend to smaller displacement engines in the over 10L market segment for Class 8 trucks and tractors, with an acceleration prompted by new emission regulations expected in 2024,” said Tom Rhein, president of Rhein Associates. Regarding Classes 5-7, Rhein said, “In this market, the current metric of interest is gasoline penetration, which continues to see share gains.”

Kenny Vieth, president and senior analyst at ACT Research, added, “Diesel power is under attack long-term for use in on-highway commercial vehicles. Alternative power is being developed, tested, and refined, even as diesel engines are transitioning to become more fuel efficient and clean. Emission regulations are one of the main drivers of alternative fuel adoption, which is why the Engine Outlook includes a section on the commercial vehicle regulatory environment.”

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  • There’s a reason the class 5 to 7’s are going back to gasoline. DEF and EGR.
    I have an acquaintance who runs a towing company in California. Thanks to CARB, a lot of his medium dutys can’t be on the road. So hes buying gassers. Only diesels left in his fleet will be heavies.

  • Everybody is working aggressively to reduce engine size to be more envirment friendly .I have not seen any effort in the trucking industry to
    the power train to more effective drive to help the power drive to the ground. Planitary drive could be better for productity in the power

  • As DP2 has said…..I won’t even buy a diesel pickup truck any more. I like my vehicles able to run when I need them. I’m tired of check engine lights and derates because of something as simple as a sensor not reading properly. These emission motors will nickle and dime you to death.