There was a lot of new product news at this year’s Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Week, which took place in Las Vegas last week. Below is a quick synopsis of what caught my attention, along with links to the more detailed write-ups.

Gabriel updates shocks: Gabriel Ride Control updated its GasSLX and Fleetline shocks, by making them more corrosion-resistant and also improving the inner seal to reduce misting. These improvements will make the shocks last longer and will shorten replacement time, the company says. I had an interesting chat with the Gabriel folks at HDAW and they said many fleets are leaving shocks on their trucks too long, resulting in poor handling and ride and contributing to shorter tire life and irregular wear. Their suggestion is to replace your shocks every time you put a new set of tires on the truck. Consider it an inexpensive insurance policy for your tires, they suggested, since these shocks cost about US$70 and a new set of tires costs, well, much more than that. More details below.

Gabriel improves shock products


New aftermarket parts: SAF-Holland came out with a new line of aftermarket parts, it’s calling Gold Line Quality Parts. Included are: Parts offered through the new line include: landing gear accessories; brake chambers; tapered wheel bearings; kingpin locks; air springs; grease; and the entire Gabriel shock and TSE brake chamber lines. The line will soon expand to include brake and wheel-end components.

Meanwhile, Dana introduced a new line of aftermarket parts, specifically for downsped powertrains. Downspeeding is all the rage these days, but the concept is still relatively new. Now the first of these downsped powertrains are getting long in the tooth and requiring replacement parts. Dana warns it’s vital to replace worn components with replacement parts that are designed to handle the increased torque generated by downspeeding. And it now has those parts available.

Meritor has new parts available as well, including a new line of Meritor-branded aftermarket clutches. Also new from Meritor is the third version of its PlatinumShield coating, designed to eliminate rustjacking. More info from Meritor here.

And not to be outdone, Eaton came to market with a new 430-mm aftermarket clutch for Volvo I-Shift transmissions. It also introduced new lubrication specifications for the Procision transmission and its newer model automated transmissions. Check out the stories below for more details on each of the products mentioned above.

SAF-Holland launches new aftermarket parts line


Dana adds aftermarket parts to accommodate downspeeding


Meritor introduces new products during Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Week


Eaton introduces aftermarket clutch for I-Shift, new transmission lubricant spec’


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