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A trucker’s wife: Summer fun with the kids

Dear Kelly,...

Kelly Livingstone

Kelly Livingstone

Dear Kelly,

This is my first summer with my husband on the road.

With the kids out of school and Daddy on the road for most of it, I am looking for ideas for things that I can do with the kids.

My kids are only six and eight, so they depend on me for things to do.

Mommy of two

Dear Mommy of two,

We made a list of things that we can do this summer and posted it on the fridge. Sit down with your kids and make the list together – you would be amazed at some of the things they can come up with!

Visit your local library and take out some books. They may have organized reading activities as well. We also have on our list, the zoo, the beach, the parks, bike riding, the community wading pool. If you have an ice cream stand close enough, go for a walk there one day for a treat.

Have a backyard picnic, maybe even invite over a couple of the kids’ friends.

On a Saturday morning, grab a wagon and a few bucks, and head out through the neighborhood to garage sales. You would be amazed at the treasures you can find.

For indoor activities, colouring, crafts, living room camp out and picnics. Look for some craft books on your trip to the library and get some ideas from there, maybe make it a recycle theme and make things from egg cartons and toilet paper rolls.

If you have access to an online computer, you can find many sites with craft ideas and activities to do with your kids.

Does your local hardware store have building lessons for the children? Maybe the craft store offers lessons?

Do you have a local museum? Don’t forget the special treat of visiting a restaurant with a play land!

Ask you children for input and use your imagination. At that age, they are quite content to just have fun doing things.

When your husband makes it home, be sure to include him in some of the fun. The memories that your children will have of fun summers will last a lifetime!



Dear Kelly,

I am a new trucker’s wife – my husband just started driving again this month and he brought this magazine home to me and I was so surprised to see this part made for us!

It is so nice to read that other folks have questions too.

What I am writing about is that I am getting a lot of flack from my family about my husband being on the road and leaving me here. I am sure that they will see in time that I am okay.

This wasn’t something he did on the spur of the moment. I knew that he drove truck before I met him, and he said when we met that it might be something he went back to someday. The money is a lot better than the job he was working at before, and we are saving for a house, since we don’t want to rent forever. The other nice thing is that I can work all the overtime I want, and not have to worry about rushing home to be with him.

I guess I have two questions: I am looking for ideas on how to make my family understand that I am totally okay with this decision. I did have a big part in the choices we made.

The second thing is the support. Even though logically this is a sound choice we have made, emotionally, having no support from family, what can I do?

Family woes

Dear Family woes,

I think that family and friends have a really hard time with our lifestyles. They see you as abandoned in a way.

Invite them over for coffee or desert, or even a full blown dinner while your husband is on the road. Let them see first hand that you aren’t crumbling or falling apart. Do things as you normally would. Talk to them individually when you see an opportunity, so that they can ask you questions and you can reassure them that you are okay.

The best thing that I can say to prove to them that you are alright, is live happy. Over time they will see.

I had some of the same issues when my husband first went out on the road, but now my friends and family see that we fit into this lifestyle and that it really does work for us.

For support, you can always visit our Web site – A Truckers Wife, There is a wonderful community of amazing women who will help you with just about any question you could imagine.

Try chatting with the folks you work with, or find another trucker’s wife in town that you can do coffee with. Be happy, and they will see that you are!


– I encourage you to send in your questions and comments. I will try to answer as many questions as I can here. Feel free to write me at

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