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Cancom offers 30% cost reduction on mobile communications service

It has been a fourth quarter full of announcements for Cancom Tracking, starting with the changing of its name (formerly Cancom Tracking Solutions) and logo and culminating with an impressive reductio...

It has been a fourth quarter full of announcements for Cancom Tracking, starting with the changing of its name (formerly Cancom Tracking Solutions) and logo and culminating with an impressive reduction on pricing.

Pricing on Cancom Tracking’s OmniTRACS mobile communications system hardware has been reduced by up to 30 percent per unit. Cancom officials say they hope this limited-time reduction will help trucking companies address the security and economic challenges they face today.

Cancom, majority-owned by Shaw Communications Inc., also announced it will be offering fuel tax automation through an integration with ProMiles.

ProMiles Software Development Corp., a provider of fuel tax automation and developer of ProMiles Mileage Guide, have released Cancom TripBuilder, a product designed to simplify and automate fuel tax reporting by integrating with Cancom’s OmniTRACS technology.

“OmniTRACS provides the raw data that is automatically processed through the Cancom TripBuilder to create Trip Sheets and Fuel Tax entries. Electronic fuel purchase data can then be imported directly into the Fuel Tax Reporting Software,” explains Kate Rahn, Cancom’s director of business development. ” All of this can be done right from a carrier’s desktop, and they don’t need to worry about the security of their data being transmitted over the Internet.”

ALK releases all-in-one fuel and mileage tax reporting software

ALK Technologies, Inc., has released PC FUELTAX 7.0, claiming it to be the most comprehensive fuel tax reporting software available on the market.

PC FUELTAX automates all aspects of fuel and mileage tax tracking, calculation and reporting. Among its newest features are trailer reports, enabling carriers to keep a record of owned/leased vehicle and trailer specifications including which jurisdictions they’ve traveled in. Users also have the ability to view all trips and fuel purchases filed under a specific quarter. Additionally, carriers can now file weight distance taxes monthly as well as quarterly.

Maddocks making TruckMate training available online

Maddocks Systems Inc., developers of TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win) trucking software is now offering online interactive TM4Win training via a browser-based interface provided by Webex Communications (

“Providing quality training on demand to a customer base spread throughout North America has always been a logistical challenge for Maddocks,” explains Bob Maddocks, president and CEO of Maddocks Systems. “Through the Webex interface, we are able to provide convenient online sessions that can meet the unique training needs of every type of trucking operation in our diverse client base.”

Maddocks added he expects carriers using the Internet service to experience “a significant cost savings.”

GPS security technology shifts to a new Paradigm

Toronto-based Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc. has announced it is developing a highly sensitive GPS based product called SecurTRAC.

“The needs of international commerce, particularly crossborder truck transport among Canada, the US and Mexico, have changed dramatically since September 11. We are working with US and Canadian officials as well as representatives of the trucking industry, and a new dedicated truck bridge group developing a crossing between the US and Canadian border to ensure that our new product meets evolving government and industry security requirements,”said Eduardo Guendelman, president of Paradigm. As a result, the PowerLOC division of Paradigm is developing and testing SecurTRAC, which can communicate not only the position, direction and speed of motion of a truck but also determine the security of the trailer unit and its cargo.

SecurTRAC is based on PowerLOC’s proprietary GPS technology. Specialized secure sensors communicate to a remote server if the doors to the trailer have been opened and if the load inside the trailer is being moved. The entire system can be monitored over the Internet.

“We believe this reliable new technology will shorten inspection times and expedite commercial traffic across the border,” said Brian Hay, president of Whirlpool International Truck Bridge (Canada) Inc., the company that is developing a new dedicated truck-only bridge across the Niagara Frontier between the United States and Canada.

Elypse Dispatch Solutions partners with Datacom in distribution deal

Elyps Dispatch Solutions has teamed up with Datacom to distribute its line of sophisticated machine-to-machine vehicle management systems.

Elyps will carry and service Datacom’s Mobilus Optimum, Mobilus Celsius, and Mobilus Echo systems – products designed to give fleet managers and dispatchers detailed real-time information on the operation of vehicles.

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