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Concerns about APU emissions

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I wonder how many people who push this green idea about the environment have slept in a truck alongside another truck equipped with a generator? Every time I find a parking spot I look if there are generators alongside me, if so I find another spot.

Let me explain: everybody installs those APUs with the exhaust pointed under the truck parked next to it. Have you smelled the exhaust from those generators? I have on more than one occasion and I have woken up half sick because somebody parked alongside me with the exhaust under my truck and the fumes seeping up into my cab.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a long-haul driver for 28.5 years with my own truck and trailer and I’m also a firm believer in idling my truck as little as possible. I had a Webasto heater for 20 years from day one and I’ve had an Espar cab heater for the last eight.

It’s time that somebody starts putting that exhaust pipe up above the truck or underneath the truck that it’s installed on, that way it wouldn’t be very long before something was done about it.

Henry J Aucoin

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