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Customs needs to act on cabotage violations

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Re: Cabotage concerns, Truck News, December 2010

Great article, however I have for years complained to Canada Customs about illegal activities and actually had a US competitor’s bill of lading showing pick-up in Halifax and delivery to my yard.

The driver was American, the tractor and trailer were both plated out of Michigan. I called my Canada Customs port superintendent at the Dixie Road Sufferance warehouse in Mississauga, Ont. He was nice enough to give me the name of the guys at the investigations unit.

I called them and told them when and where this truck was arriving so that they could come over and nail this guy and guess what?

At the last moment, the investigator got cold feet and told me his supervisor would not let him follow up on this case because it was a “sensitive area.”

Go figure. The guy unloaded and got away without incident, leaving me to believe that Canada Customs is too afraid to pinch the ass of the US elephant. It is my solemn belief that Canada Customs is not interested in upholding Canadian laws when it comes to US cabotage and that it simply pays lip service to the entire issue.

Get hired to do a job only to find out you are restricted by your superiors from actually carrying out your responsibilities so you continue to take a paycheque and do nothing in return. Typically Canadian, wouldn’t you agree?

Wally Horodnyk,

TFX International Specialized Vehicle Transport

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